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Meet the Owner  and Artist



My story

I was born and raised in the cultural, Jazz influenced city of New Orleans, Louisiana. It was with humble beginnings being raised in the inner city that my passion for drawing, music and food lead me to creating what I called art.

After the birth of our 3 child, My husband and I moved our family to Montgomery Alabama, and it was here that my passion evolved from self taught pencil drawings to artistic creative works. My inherit DNA of N'awlins combined with the history of Montgomery's Civil Rights movements birth my signature technique termed "Drip and Spread". This technique was enthusiastically rewarded with its presence in galleries, book covers, articles and many other venues for all to appreciate. 

After moving to Los Angeles, California in 2014, the opportunity to re-focus my love of Art presented itself in 2018, bringing smiles to the faces of all walks of life by hosting Paint Parties. Kid's Birthday's, Wine & Girls Night, Bachelorette and/ or couples night out any many more settings allowed me to share my passions with others. Most of all, these parties resulted in everyone creating their own signature masterpiece that revealed their unknown painting ability with a lasting memorable experience.


Who  We Are


Paint Pour & Party will bring everything you need to your location!  


Paint parties are great for any occasions. Such as, birthday, bachelorette party, girls night out, team building, school fundraisers, school events, church events, couples, family reunions, and more. 
Whether you’ve painted before or never put a brush in your hand, we will provide you with step by step instruction and creating your own masterpiece.  

Schedule your painting party today and discover your inner artist!

Guest attire:

Please advise your guests to dress in comfortable clothing. Something they wouldn’t mind getting paint on.  We use only non-toxic, acrylic paint which can stain clothing.


The party is at your home or venue so it's totally up to you to decide if alcohol is permitted. Paint Pour and Party is not liable for any accident or injury resulting from the consumption of alcohol. This responsibility lies solely upon the party host and/or party venue owner. We do not supply alcohol or food.

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